No console is complete without a great multiplayer game, and Microsoft is hoping to strike gold with its own multiplayer offering, Fusion Frenzy. Think of this game as a combination of sports and Mario Party. It’s an intriguing mix that we’d like to play.

Even though Fusion Frenzy was not present at GameStock, it still is one of the most notable Xbox games. With its four-player action, this game harkens back to simpler days of gameplay but doesn’t forget that graphics have evolved significantly.

The gameplay takes place on a bunch of different urban street environments. The best way to understand the action is to actually check out the screenshots and get a visual feel for what’s going on. We can’t explain it; maybe you can.

Even though the main gameplay looks cool, we’re equally excited about the numerous minigames included with this title. Up to 45 different minigames have been added, including a cool bumper car mode. In this section of gameplay, players try to bump opponents off ledges without falling off themselves. Well, if you online game is what you are looking for then you might want to get a copy of SimCity Buildit hack for your own advantage. This gives you free Simoleons.

Another minigame puts players inside giant spheres. Once inside, they must roll themselves over a series of goals, trying to score the most points while hindering their opponents’ attempts. These are just two examples of the many different gameplay options available. With the entire focus of this game on nonstop action, this could truly be a Mario Party for the grown-up set. Better make sure to have a couple extra gamepads lying around.